Acrylic Dome Fixed Curb Mount Skylight (LC)

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Acrylic Dome Fixed Curb Mount Skylight (LC)

TRU-Frame Curb Mounted Skylight. A simple yet elegant way to enhance the home environment. The introduction of additional natural light creates a brighter, more cheerful atmosphere and increases the value of a home. The TRU-Frame Curb Mounted Skylight surpasses even the most demanding quality standards at a very reasonable price.

  • Outside curb dimension does NOT include flashing.

  • Building Codes vary greatly between States and Counties, and R. Lang Company cannot be held liable for knowing a customer's specific regulations or product application. It is up to the builder/contractor/architect to verify products are within compliance before order is placed.

  • PACKAGING: All skylights are polywrapped.

  • NOTE: Recommend a minimum 3/12 roof pitch for proper weeping. Flat roof installation NOT recommended and voids warranty.