About Us

The R. LANG COMPANY manufactures products under the trademarked names of TRU-FRAME® and ROLL AWAY®.

The R. LANG COMPANY was established in the fall of 1967, when Richard Lang purchased the ROLL AWAY screen and fabricated special products division from the Rudiger-Lang Company and located the business in a small 7500 square foot building in Richmond, California. (near San Francisco).

Today, R. Lang Company occupies over 80,000 square feet of office and plant space in Visalia. Visalia is located in the California?s Central Valley.

The TRU-FRAME Skylight product line consists of several styles of frame material and shapes. We also offer a variety of glass and acrylic options.

Over the years, we have earned a position of leadership in the field of home improvement and new construction, and our name has become synonymous with innovation, quality and performance.

With our in house engineering and machine shop, we have the technical expertise to bring new and innovative products to market.

Our most important value discipline, however, is to serve the needs of our customers. We are ready to earn your business with the most responsive and personalized service in the industry.